Why You Should Pick Me

Our day to day lives are filled with craziness, uncertainty and if you’re like me an organized chaos.  When you get the chance to close tour eyes, catch you breath and collect your thoughts, what do you think of?  No, not the million to-do lists you have stockpiling in your head about dinner plans, laundry, driving from here to there. I mean what do you really think about?

I sit on my stairs in my hallway and look at all the relationships that I have in my life.  From those relationships I was able to build some of the most amazing memories.  From my relationship of my husband and I, to each of my children and relationships of family/friends.   From those relationships came memories and some of the pivotal memories are captured and displayed proudly on my wall, to share with anyone who comes into our home.

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”-Tony Robbins

I want to build not only a professional relationship with my clients but also a personal one to.  I don’t ever see my clients  as “just another client,” I see you as a personal friend.  A person who is welcoming me into their family to capture this special moment in your lives.  Because you chose me for a reason, I make sure I meet all your expectations and exceed them.  I want to be able to capture your today for your tomorrow.