Westminster Friends of Music Gala | Buffalo, NY

Westminster Presbyterian Church hosted their Inaugural Westminster Friends of Music Gala. It was held at the beautiful Saturn Club in downtown Buffalo. This event has been one of the funnest events that I have attended in Buffalo. I have to thank my friend Sarah for asking me to do this wonderful event. Sarah, who I had met several times and was actually the one who we bought our latest addition from (fur baby Dory) asked if I was available to photograph the event. Sarah informed me that it would be for her church and to help benefit the music department. I felt hesitant at first because I told her I wasn’t a church kind of gal (we won’t go into the whys). I just didn’t go every Sunday like I used to. Anyway, Sarah informed me that her church is very active in the LGBTQ community and are very advocates within the community, which I was glad to hear. Also being a band nerd at heart, tugged on my heart strings even more. Music has no boundaries. It is a universal language that touches each and every one of us.  It was so wonderful to see a part of Buffalo that I did not know really existed. It was an amazing event and I was so honored to have been there to capture this spectacular night.

Music Director Garrett Martin enlisted the help of recording music artist, Matt Alber, to headline the event. Mr. Alber was accompanied by a beautiful string quartet made of local Buffalo musicians for the evening. The gala was the official kick off for the Church’s initiative, which was to provide community concerts and arts programming at the church. It was an amazing night that was filled with delicious foods, brilliant music and lots of beautiful, kind people. To find out more about the event please check out this article that was featured on Loop Magazine Buffalo.
Loop Magazine Buffalo

Also if you want to check out more of the images form this fabulous night, you can view them HERE!. You can even order prints if you would like and have them shipped directly to your home!

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