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Baby Paul has a very special place in my heart. Not only because he is so super cute (obviously)  but his journey that he has been on touches me so deeply and reminds me that love has no limitations. That there are so many people out there who either just want love or to be loved and that everyone deserves to have their dreams come true.
Let me give a some background first.

His mom, Jennifer, or as my kids call her Ms. Jen, has been with our family for almost the past 2 years as my children’s speech therapist. I first met Jen on a cold winter day in February 2014. Since both of my kids needed speech therapy, she was with us at least twice a week for an hour each day. Needless to say I got to be pretty comfortable around Jen. When she would walk into my house and seen the results of a chaotic morning, she always reassured me that it wasn’t necessary to apologize for the disarray. Or when my kids happen to open the door excited to start their lesson while I just hopped out of the shower, hair still soaking wet. Or even when my kids would have a tantrum because they had to sit there and participate. Jen has seen the spectrum of emotions that my children can have. Never once has her kindness wavered. Her calming voice, her happy demeanor and her dedication to her job makes me so grateful that my kids have her in their lives.

Naturally seeing Jen so often lead to conversations about her, her life and her story and vice versa. Jen and her husband Brad, had been trying to have a baby on their own. After finding out that they were not able to have a baby on their own, they decided to try adoption. We would discuss what stage in the adoption process they were in and she gave me frequent updates whenever she had them. Months went by and it was radio silence from the adoption agency. But every time I spoke with Jen, she always had a smile on her face and just kept the faith that somehow her baby would come. They kept busy by renovating parts of their home, remodeling their stair case, just things to keep their minds off the limbo state they were in.

Well, after a session with Declan, she told me that their adoption agency called and they had a meeting with some potential birth parents! I was so excited for her and I could t wait until she got back from her trip to tell me how it went!

Well needless to say after almost a year of waiting for their baby to come, their son finally arrived. Baby Paul was brought back home to Buffalo and settled perfectly with Jen and Brad.

When Jen came to the studio for his newborn session, I could just see the pure love she had in her eyes for him. The way she cared Paul in his car seat into the studio, I could tell that motherhood looked absolutely perfect on her. I cannot tell how excited I was for Jen and her husband. I feel as though Jen’s story is one that millions of families can relate to.  Family isn’t created by the DNA that we may or may not share with someone or by the same last name.  Family is created with the bonds that we develop and nurture with another person. Being a family means giving unconditional love, compassion, and having a special place in your heart for another. No amount of biological substance can ever define what it means to be a family, only your heart can do that.

Even though Jen might feel like she’s the lucky one, I feel like Baby Paul is the lucky one. Knowing that Jen and Brad take the greatest privilege in being able to call him their son, makes me want to cry. He truly has made their entire life become brighter, better and more beautiful. Paul was definitely worth the worth.

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