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About a week ago, Steven (dad) called and told me that Jamie’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to do something special beforehand to surprise her.  He bought a ring and wanted to ask her to marry him. Jamie was expecting to get the ring for her birthday, which is later on this month. By doing it at the shoot, she would be totally surprised and completely shocked if he did it then.  Steven wanted to also incorporate Colson, their 3 month old son, into the proposal. Colson is a member of my Grow With Me Plan and he was due for his 3 month session. I told him I would call him back after I brainstormed a bit.  Couple hours later I called Steven and told him my idea. I suggested that Steven get a screen printed onesie that said “Will you marry my daddy?”. I would do some shots of all of the when we first get to the location, then I would suggest that Colson be changed into another outfit and that Steven would do it.  I would preoccupy Jamie while he was getting ready for the big moment. He could hide the onesie underneath a hoodie. H e loved it and couldn’t wait!
The big day came! We went to Como Park located in Lancaster.  I had Steven come scout out some locations with me while Jamie fed Colson. I asked him where he would like to propose and he chose the location that oversaw the creek. We started the session by a large tree that had beautiful colors and was shaded. Then it was time! I told Steven to go change Colson for his second outfit. Jamie and I went to the next spot and just did some practice shots, talked about how things were going and then here came Steven.
I was super nervous because Jamie started walking towards Steven, asking why he didn’t change Colson’s pants. I assured her it was fine and that I would see how it looked in camera. I took a couple shots with his hoodie still zipped up, then I asked Jamie to take off his hoodie.  As she started to unzip Colson’s hoodie, Steven started to walk behind her to get ready for his big questions.  Jamie read the hoodie as she unzipped it and then looked up and saw Steven down on one knee. Jamie was crying, Baby Colson was crying, and Steven was slightly shaking 🙂 The surprise went off perfectly!!!! Jamie said yes! They all gave each other kisses, hugs and wiped away tears of happiness. I even shed a couple tears that I secretly hid behind my camera ( I am a big softie and sucker for love). You know a surprise went super well when you get the “ugly/happy cry face”, which I did but will post on another day.
I am so thrilled that Steven asked me to be a part of his amazing surprise and that I was able to be there to capture the true moments of happiness, surprise and love. Congratulations again Jamie and Steven and Baby Colson!!! You guys make a beautiful family!!!

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