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I was browsing one of my many photography books and I saw this segment on teens and friendship.  I snapped a quick pic on my phone and sent it to my niece, Summer, and asked if she would be interested. Being a girl who doesn’t like to shy away from a camera, she could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money on her selfie game, she loved the idea! I asked her to gather up a few friends and we could do the session at sunset.  I was going to take them to a local park but she convinced me to take them down to Canalside.  Canalside is right along the water in downtown Buffalo, which they have revamped to make it more appealing to the community.  You can tour a naval ship, ride some water boats, dine outside on the pier, it’s a great location that’s very scenic and beautiful.  I took them at sunset because I wanted to capture those rich golden colors that look so great in portraits.  Plus it was the best time to leave my little ones at home with the hubby.
After a loud, rocking and singing your heart out car ride, we arrived to Canalside. We walked down near the water where they had these awesome stone walls that were like a mini maze.  It was so fun watching these girls act so goofy in some pictures, but they could flip it in a second and give some serious model face. Then we drove down further along the canal where there’s a giant stone wall that has tons of rocks, branches, and all things “sea like.” I think the most amusing part of all this was trying to get them up on the wall without falling into the water, and myself also.  These girls were so great. It definitely made me miss my high school friends, whom even 10 years later and 5,000 miles apart, we still have this amazing bond.  I told the girls to just have fun, be happy, and cherish this time in your lives. Because let’s face it, while being adult has its perks, I would love to be  a kid again, just for a day though.  They didn’t need much direction in how to pose or what angle is most flattering on their faces, they are masters of selfies.  It was fun for me to just watch them through my lens and capture the joy of their smiles.  I cannot wait to get them together again and take them to a new location to see what they give me next!  Summer Friends-19Summer Friends-51 Summer Friends-53 Summer Friends-82 Summer Friends-141 Summer Friends-142 Summer Friends-162 Summer Friends-189 Summer Friends-200 Summer Friends-215

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