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This is Baby Max, I got the lucky chance of meeting him through is grandmother (Diane), who is this funny and awesome woman who I get to suffer with work out with at the gym. We share a common feeling of loathing  loving our time with our trainer, Cassidy.  Anyway, I told her about my passion for photography and I told her that I would love to do a session with her grandson.  She amazingly agreed and so we set a date! We did the shoot on Valentine’s Day in the morning, the lighting was perfect that’s to the sun hitting my snow-covered backyard and creating one big bounce card that gave awesome light in the kitchen.  It was a cold snowy morning and of course flu/cold season.  Max was pretty cooperative considering he was teething and just overall not feeling the best.  We started out with this gray blanket (Tuesday Mornings store) and covered my son’s PB Kids Anywhere chair. Max doesn’t sit up totally independently just yet but that’s what blankets and pillows are for! This little suit that he came dressed in was just the CUTEST thing on Earth! I’m a sucker for a man in a good suit 🙂 IMG_9763 IMG_9749 IMG_9732

After getting so many great shots of him in this ADORABLE suit, it was time to have some fun with some props and wraps.  But before we could do that though, Max HAD to eat 🙂 And just like how my boys were, he would not do anything else until that milk is G-O-N-E. Once he was nice a full, we placed him in this padded craft and used some wraps and faux furs.  This fur really made his baby blues just POP right off the screen and look even more gorgeous. He was very curious as to what we had him in and wanted to eat the wrap haha.  Like I said, he did an amazing job and was such a trooper! IMG_9831 IMG_9837 IMG_9836 IMG_9833

One of the last couple of shots I really wanted to get was with him and his mom (Grandma didn’t wanna join the fun this time). Here’s a couple with Kaylee and Max. You can just see the love in her eyes that she has for this little guy and who could blame her? Look at him! We also got some great shots of him and his super cute beanie bear hat that I had made just for him!  IMG_9804 IMG_9813IMG_9846 IMG_9838

Max decided that he wanted to wrap it up for the day, after all they babies are the boss. Plus this little boss was starting to really show us that he was done of the day.  Kayla dressed him and I just managed to squeeze in a couple more shots of him and this GINORMOUS  teddy bear that was gift for Valentine’s Day. Seriously this thing was as big as me! IMG_9855IMG_9852IMG_9854

I am so happy that they let me photograph Max, and that Kaylee wanted to do it every 3 months! I remember my first interaction with a baby photographer (Jessica Whittle) and how much she put me at ease and that I looked forward to seeing her every 3 months for JJ’s photo shoot. She inspired me into getting my Canon Rebel (3.5 years ago) and she continues to inspire me still with her photos. I am just so thankful that Max and his family took a chance on me. This experience really opened my eyes and gave me a much-needed confidence boost! Max will always have a special place in my heart!

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