Alana P | Buffalo Maternity Photographer

I met Alana through a network of friends through the gym, after messaging back and forth we were able to set a date to get together and do this shoot. I was excited that she agreed to be a maternity model for me and she did NOT disappoint at all! She was so laid back, relaxed, and let me have free reign with her session (I was squealing with joy).  Alana, at the time, was supposed to have her scheduled C-section in 5 days from the shoot. She was an absolute dream to work with and so easy to photograph (um hello gorgeous). I was able to capture her beauty and the glow she had radiating from her, she was pure heaven to photograph. This was the first time we had actually ever met, but I felt I was having out with a friend the entire time.  You could tell how happy/excited/anxious she was to find what her and her husband were having. Oh yeah the gender was unknown!!! Talk about getting the surprise of a lifetime! She didn’t end up having a scheduled C-section because Baby Cooper flipped the script (literally) on his/her parents. When it was time for Alana to check in for her scheduled delivery, one last ultrasound was given to ensure baby was still breach….umm…NOPE!  Baby Cooper turned right side up again (future gymnast or swimmer), so it was back to waiting game for Alana and her husband Bob.
6 days after her scheduled date for a C-section, they were able to finally meet and hold their beautiful son, Cooper! Alana will always hold a truly special place in my heart since she was my first maternity and a DREAM client on top of that. I left the session with the most amazing feeling of happiness and joy and a new friendship. I had to seriously call my best friends and rant and rave to them about the session I just did with Alana.  I cannot wait to see you guys again and bring more beautiful images of Baby Cooper!


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